all DIY people that we deal with, we package their arrangements for easy carrying

brides’ bouquets and their bridesmaids

and all centerpieces and we store them in our cooler for free to make sure they are fresh

to be enjoyed by everyone.

many DIY brides are trying to save money on their wedding flowers but more and more

of the DIY brides we see just want to make their flowers more memorable

raining everyday here in Orlando, just like the old days

centralĀ  Florida used to be famous for raining every afternoon between 3pm and 4 pm

those rainy days disappeared when climate change kicked in but they seem to be back

its a lazy day today the temperature is going to be near 100 degrees and it will rain in just a little bit its 11am and overcast right now

quality, service and innovation

June 22, 2018








its Saturday and really slow for this time of year. business usually dries up in August in central Florida

we are closing early for lack of interest

hope everyone has a great father’s day tomorrow

give dad a break and take over the grilling for him

hand him a cold one and let him have the t.v. remote for a change….lol

June 16,2018


exuma point resort, Georgetown bahamas

it was a beautiful day at the beach

but back to work now

we have work space available for DIY customers to come in and make their own bouquets and arrangements

we charge $50.00 per hour

the building has internet, air conditioning, food fridge and small kitchen and 2 bathrooms

sometimes the stereo will work and sometimes not

we have a limited number of florist tools available for you to use

so far, there are no legal contracts to sign to use our design area

we will have someone to stay with you to make sure the building is opened for you

and closed after you finish

since the internet is running, you can your designs just in case you run into trouble with the assembly of bouquets

June 15, 2018

the cave at exuma point

we could not find anyone to help us understand where this cave came from or who might have lived in here thousands of years ago

but we were able to walk all over the cave, it is about 50 feet deep into the cliff

there was some trash left by years of kids playing inside

but there were old pots, old charcoal and strange writing on the ceiling

very interesting

June 10,2018