Thursday, April 12, 2018

all the flowers came in about 2 hours ago for sally’s Saturday wedding

we opened all the boxes to check for quality and everything was excellant

the groomsman are here to prepare the flowers for conditioning

our processor is showing them how to get the flowers cut and placed in water and flower food

it should take them a few hours and then they will leave and we will place them in the cooler after they have taken up the correct amount of solution to have them open for the wedding on Saturday

later in the day, the guys are finished and going for adult beverages

they did a great job, mostly because they are afraid of the bride….LOL

at 5:00 pm we placed all the flowers in the cooler for conditioning

tomorrow the girls will show up and design the wedding flowers

April 12, 2018 6:00pm



talking with sally, i find out why she is using debbies wholesale flowers.

she went to three (3) retail florist to get prices and steal ideas from their wedding departments

each one had great ideas that she combined to form her perfect wedding plan

and each one had a different price.

the highest price she received for her wedding flowers was $2700.00

buying flowers, greens, supplies and renting our warehouse to design her flowers

came to $1600.. she has to use her bridesmaids, and her aunt to design the flowers and these people are free but you can see just how much she saved on the flowers alone

and she is able to get the wedding she has dreamed of and not the wedding that is in someone else’s (florist) head

today is Tuesday

i will continue to keep you informed as the week progresses and sally’s flowers arrive

April 10, 2018  2:05 am

introduction continued

at debbies wholesale flowers, we do not stock flowers on a regular basis

we only stock what our customers order for themselves

so we do not maintain regular business hours.. we meet customers by appointment only

this week we have a large wedding order coming in for our bride, sally,

she and her bridesmaids are going to DIY all the flowers for this Saturday’s wedding

they have placed their flower order from our new website:

the flowers will arrive this Thursday.

sally and her family will receive their flowers at our warehouse

6954 venture circle

Orlando, Florida 32807

we will instruct them in the proper preparation of their flowers to allow the flowers to open and last for the wedding

they will process their own flowers and then place them in our 1100 square foot walk in cooler for safe keeping until they begin designing their dream wedding

they are renting our design room to make it easier to arrange the flowers and then simply move them into our cooler for safe keeping

our design room and tools are available to rent by the hour for $50.00 per hour

there is no minimum rental period….we will have one of our employees  stay in the warehouse while you begin and finish your designs. this person will not be a designer

but will let you into the building and lock up after you leave.

this is becoming a popular feature

the customer leaves their flowers in our care, no transporting the flowers home and designing them in your house

they do all the work at our warehouse and put their finished designs in the cooler

the day of their wedding or event, they can pick them up and be on their way

it makes it easy and convenient for everyone

check out our new website, please

April 09,2018


introduction continued

its Sunday, the first proms of the season in Orlando are over and time to get ready for next week proms.

each week we will feature a flower available through our new website:

check it out. you can browse the site, practice placing an order and then delete the practice order until you become more familiar with the site and the way it works

you can use a credit card on the site or as soon as our webmaster figures out how to

install Pay pal, we will have that option available also.

assortments of flowers change daily, so visit the site often

it is really raining and no day for working outside in Florida.

see you soon

April 8, 2018 7:00 am




we  would like to introduce debbies wholesale flowers

debbies was open for business only selling to the brick and mortar retail florist in October 1998

since then, the retail flower shops have taken a hit from all the online providers and total retail brick and mortar florist have dropped from 21,000 flower shops in 2006 to around 6,000 remaining today.

for this reason, debbies has taken a new direction. we are providing flowers and supplies

to DIY brides, DIY party planners, event  planners, schools, clubs, churches and non profits.

not all of the products we have are sold in bulk, but the more you buy the more you save.

please visit our new and improved website

and follow our blog at

reach us by email

and by telephone 407-677-6561

fax 407-249-0502

text 407-373-4439

April 7, 2018 1:30 am