wedding DIY

june 08, 2018

june is national rose month and our retail partner Harrys famous flowers

is having their 36th annual rose cash and carry rose special

$9.95 per dozen.

not just red but assorted colors also

these are fresh and lovely roses from south america

if you prefer, you can have them arranged

including the $9.95 rose special, a glass vase , fern and baby,s breath for a total price of $30.00

not bad when you consider roses sell for $75.00 a dozen vased almost all year

this special runs through September each year

usually by October rose demand has increased and prices start heading up again

June 08, 2018



May 31,2018

very boring here this afternoon

workers all complaining about the slow business


most retail florist are at the funeral of a local legend here in orlando

his mother was past president of everything floral

in Florida.

i think she held local, state and national office in several different florist organizations

a real go getter  in the flower business, her son died over memorial day weekend

his neighbor found him laying at his door with his keys in his hand

apparent heart attack

we did not know him very well but everyont said he was very nice

May 31, 2018


May 31, 2018

another rainy day in orlando

getting ready for the big weekend

the number of DIY parties are increasing we are up to 5 now

with one of them a DIY wedding

the party using our warehouse for their designing is setting up a buffet and cold drink area for all the people that will be helping

that’s a first for us at debbie’s warehouse

the other customers will be in tomorrow to process their flowers and take them home or wherever they are doing the work with the flowers always in water to maintain the quality

once it stops raining , the humidity will be out of control, real sticky

we heard rumor that Orlando wholesale flowers sold their business, but we have no

proof of that. if john sold his business good for him

run forest run


picture of our shop cat, misty

she was a kitten from Olivia’s litter in 2009

so i think that makes her 9 years old

but now there is a discussion about how long jack had the cat

before he was murdered

when we arrived at the murder scene, the police were taking the cat to the pound

and debbie took the cat from them and she has lived in the shop ever since then

none of jack’s family wanted the cat, hell they did not want any of his personal belongings

strange world we live in now

May 30,2018