harry’s famous flowers

raining all day today

must have had 2 inches by 2 pm

shop was very busy but debbies wholesale flowers was dead

our driver, steve, that was rear ended yesterday in a rain storm

seems to be ok today

we are going to sell our hyster forklift, if you know someone that might be interested

its a oldee but goodee…..1954 with a jeep willie engine


Christine and her mother are going to see Donny and Marie tonight

at dr phillip center

Donny/marie put on a great show but everyone there

has white hair

june 30,2018


we have a 1954 hyster forklift for sale


we have used it for 15 years and have had some hydraulic leaks and one flat tire

but other than that, it still runs…..

the engine is a 1954 willy jeep engine

runs of gas

battery is one year old and we keep it on a trickle charge

representatives from Hyster came by our warehouse and took pictures of it to put in their company employee newsletter

the forklift has not been used much in the last 12 months

we bought it for our delivery company, Goldenlines, to use to unload our flowers in the middle of the night but they are not servicing us any longer so it is in the corner resting

after 64 years of service

june 29,2018

harrys famous flowers

very slow today except for the $9.95 roses

we have red, white, yellow, pink and lavender

you get one dozen with fern and baby’s breath wrapped in decorative paper

this sale has become a tradition at harrys, it started in 1982 in june

back then we wrapped the roses in funny paper to save money

the rose grower from 1982 has been out of business for years

but he was replaced by a bigger and better rose farm

june 29,2018

harrys famous flowers

angel celebrated his 17th anniversary at harry’s famous flowers on june 27

17 years, boy time flies when you are having fun

before he came to florida, he worked 19 years with jimmy in Puerto rico

we have enjoyed having him here designing beautiful flowers

he preaches on Saturdays and sundays at his church

we are lucky to have him here Monday thru thursday

congratulations again

june 29,2018

hot hot summer

102 in Orlando today

we saw on facebook that heidee that worked here for 12 years

someone broke into her house

debbie drove by and the police were there

this neighborhood is turning for the worse

flowers are arriving tomorrow for the weekend events

do any of you think debbies wholesale flowers needs a facebook page?

just wondered if we could get some feedback

all the dogs are at lake underhill animal hospital getting their yearly shots

it is starting to storm here,  suppose to rain one or two inches today

back to cleaning the cooler

June 27,2018


bulk flowers for events

buy flowers by the box and save on event decorating

our website allows you to select your flowers and supplies and place the order

and never have to deal with a human..lol

you can use your credit card or come in and pay in cash

you can rent our warehouse to design your flowers or use our cooler to store them

away from the Florida heat and humidity

use the website 24/7 without worries

we will communicate back with you and help you with the order

this is no problem for us

your flowers will arrive and you can process them and place in our cooler until you are ready to use them

have a nice day

June 26, 2018




DIY weddings

lazy hazy days of summer are upon us

it is only 6 months till Christmas, how is this possible

this will be our second Christmas without one of the national

flower wire services. so far so good

it scared us to death to drop them but in the end we think it will

be the best thing to do

we now concentrate on our local customers and not orders generated across

the country

our local business is returning and this makes us very happy

as we reach the gold years of our lives, its good to see old friends return

to visit the shop

bigger is not always better. never thought i would say that

but the core of harrys flowers has always been the local customer

no some cold national order gatherer

that is working on a volume basis and not a personal one

June 26,2018