debbies wholesale flowers


the kittens are eating dried food now

the employees at Pennock wholesale flowers in Orlando are taking some of them next week

there are 7 of them to give away, would you like one or two? lol

june is the beginning of wedding season and should start a burst of wedding flowers for

DIY brides

here come the do it yourself brides, run forrest run





mother’s day is over for 2018

the response to our new website has been crazy

we had churches and schools and mostly street vendors buying threw us

it was mostly a sell out as we ran out of most flowers especially roses and the mother’s day flower, the carnation

i think it was the first mother’s day i can remember that we did not have carnations

for everyone that needed them

if anyone has any ideas that will help us get customers to order early so we will have plenty of products



ann and jack on vacation


old friends from way back in time

in the Galapagos islands

they look like they are dressed for the trip, even rubber boots on

we hope they have a super trip and watch out for giant turtles


things are a little slow today

not so many high schoolers in making corsages

but a few are wondering in today

sweet heart roses were the most popular this year

May 04,2018

Thursday things got wild today

two proms and high school students are all over the place making and buying flowers for corsages and bouts

everyone wants sparkles and pearls….these young people are more on top of it than we were in high school

we could not give a s–t about flowers but times have changed

they brought in dresses and tux jackets to match their flowers with their outfits

it was cool to watch

when we were in high school, prom was in the gym with crate paper for decorations

now formal dresses and tux and limo for the ride. we had our parents take us and pick us up and it sucked

it was like George mcfly in back to the future

i like this new prom a lot, forget that gym and barn dances

May 03, 2018

Tuesday may day

we finally got some pictures of the brides maid bouquets that our latest DIY

bride made last night but i can not figure out how to load it to the blog

i will get some help and post them asap

in further news, the 7 kittens had there first solid food last night

debbie made them milk from a mix she purchased at the local pet store

the mother cat has dried up, she was just too young to have kittens but nature

does strange things

May 01, 2018